Saturday, August 13, 2022

Weekend in Black and White - August 13, 2022


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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Sabina's Story: A day in the life of a refugee

 The following video highlights the work of Canadian Lutheran World Relief, the Lutheran World Federation, and the Government of Canada amongst South Sudan women in an Uganda refugee camp. They provide socio-psychological support, they also provide them with training to become more self-sufficient in order that they can provide for their children. The media here in Canada rarely provides coverage of situations like this in several of the African countries. So hopefully you find this video helpful and encouraging, and perhaps it will inspire you to give generously to organizations like CLWR and LWF, which offer two-third's world peoples opportunities to improve their standard of living.

Monday, June 6, 2022

Brief Book Review: The Confession of Brother Haluin

Ellis Peters

Publisher: General Paperbacks, 205 pages

The Author 

Ellis Peters is the fiction writer of the Benedictine Cadfael mediaeval whodunit series. This particular volume is number fifteen.

Short Summary

It is the winter of 1142, and Brother Haluin falls while helping to repair the damaged roof of the St. Peter and St. Paul Abbey hall. He is seriously injured, and so he makes what he believes could be his deathbed confession to the Abbot and Brother Cadfael.

With the assistance of Cadfael, he survives the fall. Still limping, and in need of crutches to walk, he decides to go on a penitential journey, accompanied by Cadfael. There are several interesting, adventurous events on the journey, including a murder, as well as a couple of unknown discoveries connected with Brother Haluin’s past. 

In the end, Brother Haluin, in this reviewer’s mind, makes the wrong decision by remaining a monk instead of considering another viable option. 

A brief critique: Although it is acknowledged that Brother Haluin most likely became a monk for the wrong reason or reasons, Ellis Peters seems, ultimately, to idealize the monastic vocation in the novel, to the detriment of other vocations. 

What Ellis Peters does succeed in doing quite well in the novel is presenting the “sins” of England’s 12th century patriarchal and class-oriented society. 

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Good Friday Collect/Prayer of the Day

On this holy day, may we be mindful of the sins of the world, and our own sins that crucified Jesus, our Suffering Servant; who was despised and rejected by humankind; and by his wounds we are healed. As forgiven sinners-saints, may your love live through us in thought, word and deed; for your name’s sake, Jesus our Suffering Messiah.