Eclecticity, as the name suggests, is eclectic in style, length, content, etc. of posts. You will likely read about many things under the sun on this blog: everything from politics, to art, literature, religion, culture, and more. 

One day it might be a photo with or without some interpretation or commentary. Another day it might be a personal rant about corrupt politicians. Yet another day it might be a brilliant quote or series of quotes around some kind of theme. Yet another day it could be a poem or a short, short story-i.e. 500 words more or less. Yet another day it might be some sociological tidbit about the diet of bus drivers. Or one day it might be more documentary-like, highlighting an issue on poverty, human rights, or inter-faith relations and dialogues. Yet another day it could be a review of some book or musical album or concert. By now you get the idea. 

As for the writer, well not much to say. I'm a guy, live in a free and peaceful country [so far, for which I'm most grateful!], am getting older, and closer to retirement, have a variety of interests, blogging is one, and keep hoping for a better, more peaceful, just, kind, and loving world. 

Please do visit often-although I'm not going to promise how often I post-I expect it will vary with the circumstances of each day, week and month. I also love comments, so please leave yours. Of course I reserve the right and privilege whether or not to approve your comments. Clue: character assassination, obscenities, racist, sexist, etc. comments will be deleted, as will those wanting to promote or advertise their products. 

Thanks for dropping in for a visit. May the God of all creation bless you today and always.    


Nancy Wallace said...

And may God bless you and your blogging.

Eclecticity said...

Thanks Nancy, and double thanks for joining my Google Friend Connect!

Bill Nicholls said...

Good luck with it and don't get downhearted