Sunday, February 1, 2015

Retired seniors?

For about a year prior to his retirement, a clergy colleague of mine was counting down the months, days and even hours until the BIG DAY of his official retirement. Every time I talked to him, retirement couldn't come soon enough. Fast forward to about a year after his retirement. Recently he accepted a call to serve a parish again! 
   Another clergy colleague who recently retired said he was going to enjoy time for travelling. Well, about three or four months later, what does he do? He accepts a call to serve a parish as their interim pastor. 
   All of this reminds me of a fantastic quote from Hazel McCallion, the 93-year-old recently retired mayor of Mississauga, Ontario that she made on CBC Radio's The Current: "I'm not saying all seniors should be running a city or running a business, but I am saying seniors are good for a lot more than simply running a bath, baking cookies or babysitting grandchildren." 
   Food for thought, yes? Maybe I'll put retirement on hold until I'm ninety-three! :-)))

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