Friday, May 22, 2015

Pentecost Walker and Talker

Confused, Thomas walked around in circles, talking to himself, “Where am I? How did I walk so far from the city. This desert heat is killing me. I think I’m going toward the city, but the landscape looks the same, there’s my sandal-prints yet again!”
   On and on his words came pouring out.
   Suddenly he thought he saw a fire, then a wind came up and blew him in the direction of the fire. It seemed so irresistible, with its multi-colours streaming up to the heavens against the horizon. 

   “Maybe someone was there. Maybe I will survive. Maybe my life does have some reason to go on after all. It’s starting to come to me now, didn’t Jesus say something to us about the Holy Spirit and staying in Jerusalem and waiting for the right time?”   

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