Saturday, April 9, 2016

Fair Vote Canada and Proportional Representation

There is a growing movement in Canada toward proportional representation, which would reform our first-past-the-post electoral system and better represent all Canadians who vote. The following information comes from the organization, Fair Vote Canada.
   As the Liberals get set to announce their all-party committee consultation process, proportional representation will soon be back in the news.
   The new Liberal government has promised to “make every vote count” in 2019.
We can expect opponents to begin recycling the same tired myths against voter equality in an effort to mislead Canadians about electoral reform.
   To combat these myths, Fair Vote Canada has produced a series of Myth Busting Blogs and social media posters which we encourage you to share far and wide! Here are the latest three:
   What people believe about electoral reform is directly impacted by the myths they hear in the media and learn from friends.
   We must work together to get the facts out: Making Every Vote Count builds a stronger Canada, a Parliament elected by all voters, reflecting our Canadian values.
   In May, 2017, the government will introduce legislation for electoral reform. Will it make every vote count? This is the most critical 12 months for proportional representation in Canadian federal history. You can help us win.
Please read and share these myth-busting blogs and graphics with friends and on social media.

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