Saturday, January 19, 2019

Eclectic and Eccentric Music and Instruments

The dictionary defines eclectic as: Taking from different sources what seems most suitable for one's purpose; not confined to one source or one point of view. 
   The dictionary defines eccentric as: Someone who behaves unconventionally.
   I've always been curious about eclectic sources, and eccentric people--especially the best eclectic Source of them all, and perhaps the most eccentric person who ever lived: Jesus! He was not limited to one source of thinking and behaving. Rather, he challenged the status quo on numerous occasions in the course of his public ministry. And his willingness to associate with sinners and outcasts certainly qualifies him as an eccentric.
   An area of eclectic and eccentric interest for yours truly is the ongoing evolution of music. Recently I came across this interesting eclectic and eccentric inventor-musician. He has created a host of new musical instruments and sounds therefrom. Enjoy the video! 

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