Friday, October 9, 2020

Prayer of the Day/Collect for Thanksgiving Sunday (Canada)

Holy One of heaven and earth, there is always so much to thank you for: our family, friends and colleagues, our home, our work, during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic the gift of life and health, all who have and continue to make sacrifices and place their lives at risk to serve the common good of all society, the beauty of your creation and your bountiful provision of the fruits of the earth, and the list goes endlessly on. In the abundance of our blessings, open our hearts to be generous, kind and loving towards our neighbours next door, across the street and around the world--especially those who are in greatest need. Most of all, we thank you for the gift of yourself, O Triune God, Creator, Jesus our Saviour and Brother and Friend, and Holy Spirit our Advocate and Guide into all truth, who, in love for us all, bestows grace upon grace, now and forever.

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