Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Dr.Hans Küng, Swiss Theologian dies at the age of 93.


Dr. Hans Küng in 2008. He called himself "an idealist without illusions." Photo credit: Bernd Weissbrod/picture-alliance, via Associated Press.

Dr.Hans Küng, Swiss theologian has died at the age of 93, in his Tubingen, Germany home, yesterday, Tuesday, April 7, 2021. 

Dr.Küng was a controversial theologian in the Roman Catholic Church. He had much in common with the Reformation theology of Martin Luther, and, in the 20th century, Karl Barth. He advocated for, among other reforms: The Ordination of women, the end of a celibate clergy, birth control, and the end of papal infallibility. A prolific author of some 50 books and other scholarly works, he was among the youngest theologians who influenced the Second Vatican Council. 

When Rome revoked his license to teach theology in a Roman Catholic institution; he remained in Tubingen, and continued to teach theology in the secular part of that university. He also went on to establish an institute for ecumenism and an institute of global ethics. Even though the Vatican forbade Dr.Küng from teaching theology in a Catholic institution; Rome still regarded him as a priest "in good standing," rather ironic.

There are many profound Dr.Küng quotes that one might share, here is one example, reflecting, I believe, his authentic faith: "The nicest liturgical words and the highest praise of Christ--unless backed by Scripture and understood by the people--are just not useful."

My favourite Küng book is On Being A Christian. As a Lutheran, I found Dr.Küng to be more Lutheran than some Lutherans in this work. In this volume, he clearly, and, in my humble opinion, makes a convincing case for reforms  similar to those that Luther made back in the Reformation age.

Have you read any of Dr.Küng's books? If so, which one(s) do you like most? 

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