Saturday, May 6, 2023

Gordon Lightfoot dead at 84 years

Gordon Lightfoot dead at 84 years

Canadian iconic folk singer-songwriter, Gordon Lightfoot is dead at the age of 84. Among his mentors were Ian and Sylvia, and Bob Dylan. Dylan, commenting on Lightfoot’s music, said that he’s never heard a Lightfoot song that he didn’t like. That certainly is a compliment, coming from another iconic folk singer-songwriter. 

Lightfoot was the winner of numerous awards, given honorary degrees, and honoured as a member of the Order of Canada. His songs were poetic, someone described Gordon as Canada’s poet laureate. In addition to his studio albums, he did a lot of concerts across Canada and globally. I was privileged to attend one of Gordon’s concerts when I was living in Calgary, back in the early 1970s. The concert made me even more appreciative of his excellent musicianship on the 12-string guitar.

Even though there were several struggles and difficulties in Lightfoot’s life—including 3 marriages, alcoholism until the 1980s, and other life-threatening illnesses—his strong will to live and determination, and the grace of God, enabled him to recover and continue with his life as a musician. 

Some of his best songs focussed on Canadian culture and history. My favourite Lightfoot song is the Canadian Railroad Trilogy, an ode to Canadians who built our railroad. The railroad, at one time, was a major employer of immigrant Canadians who came from around the globe.

May the memory of Gordon Lightfoot be a blessing to those who knew, loved, and listened to his music.

Enjoy the following video of Lightfoot singing live the Canadian Railroad Trilogy.


Jenny Woolf said...

I hadn't thought of him for years. My sister used to like his stuff. I am sorry he has passed away.

Jenny Woolf said...

And he was very good.

Eclecticity said...

Yes, I agree. I hope his music will continue to live on in the hearts of many.