Monday, October 14, 2013


On this thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, we take time to remember what we are thankful for, and to show our gratitude to those most important in our lives-God, family, and friends, etc. One of the exercises I highly recommend to assist in remembering how much we have to be thankful-grateful for is to think of someone or something for each letter of the alphabet and express your gratitude.  Here's one simple example:
A: Thank you God for the wide varieties of apples.
B: Thank you God for babies, and the joy and hope they give us. 
C: Thank you God for colours, that make our world so beautiful. 
D: Thank you God for doors that open up opportunities for us. 
E: Thank you God for education, giving wisdom and knowledge. 
F: Thank you God for friends whom we can trust. 
G: Thank you God for your goodness, which fills all creation.
H: Thank you God for health, homes, and the promise of heaven.
I: Thank you God for ideas, which make the world a better place.
J: Thank you God for your Son, Jesus our Messiah and Friend. 
K: Thank you God for the countless kindnesses shown me. 
L: Thank you God for your greatest gift-love.
M: Thank you God for mothers, who contribute so much to society.
N: Thank you God for the necessities, which make life possible.
O: Thank you God for oceans, teaming with life. 
P: Thank you God for peace, giving life quality and stability.
Q: Thank you God for questions, helping us to grow and learn.
R: Thank you God for the future hope of bodily resurrection.
S: Thank you God for all of your saving activity. 
T: Thank you God for your truth, which sets us free.
U: Thank you God for this vast, magnificent universe.
V: Thank you God for so much variety in your creation. 
W: Thank you God for your word, which gives abundant life.
X: Thank you God for x-rays when we need them. 
Y: Thank you God for all the years of life you give us.
Z: Thank you God for giving us zest to be enthused with life. 


Nancy Wallace said...

I'm a bit late with this, but happy Canadian Thanksgiving Day to you and yours. I live in the UK and have to confess to being unaware of the significance of this day in Canada. Does having one day a year to focus on 'thanksgiving' help to encourage an attitude of gratitude every day?

Eclecticity said...

Thank you. For us Canadians, historically its roots are traced back to explorer Martin Frobisher and 1578. You can read more about that here

It's also true that our traditions have likely been influenced by our neighbours to the South.

In terms of people of faith celebrating Thanksgiving, those in the Judeo-Christian tradition would likely trace the roots back to biblical times and the celebration of the harvest festival-offering God the first fruits of their crops.

As for your question regarding whether it encourages an attitude of gratitude every day, well I'd hope so, for some at least.