Tuesday, January 7, 2014

World's only ice music festival

From January 16-19, the world's one and only Ice Music Festival will be held for its ninth year at Geilo, Norway.  Located in the idyllic mountain home of Geilo in Norway, under the watchful eye of the mighty Hallingskarvet Plateau - the Ice Music Festival’s aesthetics, music and nature, melt together under the first full moon of the year. 
   Constructed and formed exclusively from naturally harvested ice and snow, the Festival is a tribute to art, the environment and one of the world’s most vital resources - water. Frozen water.
   Conceived and developed in 2006 by ice music pioneer Terje Isungset and Pål K Medhus, the Ice Music Festival is an annual celebration of collaborative music and expression performed by specially invited artists, curated by Terje.
   Here's a sample of what those who attend will hear and see from the 2012 festival. 

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