Friday, August 9, 2013

An Excellent Bruce Cockburn Concert!

Last night I had the pleasure and privilege of attending the concert of one of my all-time favourite Canadian singer-songwriter musicians, Bruce Cockburn. I thoroughly enjoyed the concert, Bruce gave us something of what heaven must be like! I marvelled at the quality of this live concert. Oftentimes the live concert performances don't sound as good as the mixed, engineered, and tweaked studio performances that you listen to on a CD - not so in the case of Bruce. The quality and beauty of his voice and guitar style shone through radiantly last night. I certainly appreciated his performance of this song last night too, one of my faves with it's precise analysis, critique and lament of the way of injustice in our world. May God bless Bruce with long-life and health to continue to be a trustworthy contemporary voice for truth, justice and love. Visit Bruce's website here. 

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