Thursday, August 29, 2013

R. Murray Schafer's Apocalypsis

As the history of the world unfolds, and the United States and possibly other Western nations ramp up their war god rhetoric; threatening to intervene militarily in Syria in response to the use of chemical weapons; I think there is a need for those of us who have been given the gift of faith to pray for a peaceful and just resolution to the civil war in Syria. 
   So, with that in mind and heart, I turn to one of our more prolific Canadian composers, R. Murray Schafer, and his Apocalypsis "Credo," which is 45 minutes in length. Schafer, in my humble opinion, is one of our most creative and gifted composers. He is, in part, a self-taught composer, although he did study under others. One of his significant contributions to the contemporary Canadian and international music scene is the "Soundscape Project," which combines music with mysticism, and the environment. Apocalypsis is one of Schafer's more ambitious projects, involving around 500 performers. 
   Schafer's composition gives me an inkling perhaps of what "all the company of heaven" might sound like; as well as what human creativity is capable of when intermingled with the grace of God; when God's kingdom comes and will is done on earth as in heaven.

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