Sunday, August 11, 2013

Jewish-Arab-Palestinian-Christian Relations and 'free speech'

What are the limits of free speech? When does free speech cross the line and turn into a hate crime like, for example, anti-Semitism? It appears that here in Canada a case may come up in court regarding the limits of free speech. This is a delicate and important matter for the Jewish people, since what happened in Germany prior to World War II was really an escalation of speeches against the Jews. These speeches escalated into the dehumanization of the Jewish people and the legitimizing of violent acts against them, which led to the death camps, resulting in the Holocaust. The following article, if anything underscores the need for a more friendly, respectful, peaceful-nonviolent approach to Jewish-Christian-Arab-Palestinian Relations. As both Jews and Christians, we are given the Commandment to love our neighbour as ourselves, and not to bear false witness against our neighbour. Next time Elias Hazineh and others inclined to employ inflammatory language would do well to remember and practice these biblical injunctions.     

‘Inflammatory’ remarks at Palestinian event put McCallion challenger on the hot seat

Toronto Police are reviewing an Al-Quds Day speech by Elias Hazineh, who took on Mississauga’s mayor over conflict of interest.

   A Mississauga resident says a speech he made at a videotaped pro-Palestine rally in Toronto, now the focus of a police investigation, has been taken out of context.

   Elias Hazineh, who made headlines after taking on Mississauga Mayor Hazel McCallion in an unsuccessful conflict of interest case, acknowledges making the “inflammatory” remarks at an Al-Quds day event over the weekend.

   “I did give a speech in Toronto that generated some controversy, it’s true,” he said. Read the whole article and watch a video of the speech here.


John Kunnathu said...

Free speech is a part of genuine human rights. But no one has the right to mess with the rights of others. Free speech is a privilege, and it goes with a responsibility-- speak for the well-being of the humanity. Those who misuse their privilege of free speech cannot be given this privilege.

Eclecticity said...

Thank you for your insight. I agree, for every privilege there is a responsibility. You are spot on.