Sunday, August 18, 2013

Jeremiah and the prophetic life

Jeremiah laments by Rembrandt  
Jeremiah had a most difficult life. He was called by God to be a prophet not only to the people of Judah, but also to the nations. His life was filled with suffering and rejection by his own people. Many of his prophetic oracles were "bad news." They were words from the LORD God that the people did not want to hear. Who, in their right mind, wants to be a bearer of bad news?! No one, that's who. Yet that is precisely what Jeremiah was called by God to do. 
   His was a lonely life because so many failed to accept him or the message he proclaimed as a servant of the LORD. There were times in Jeremiah's life when he was angry, depressed, and filled with grief and sorrow. In short, he was not "a happy camper."  Moreover, Jeremiah was not afraid to spill all of his thoughts and deepest emotions out to God either. In fact, there were times when he wished that God had chosen someone else to be a prophet.
   Yet, in spite of all the hardships and sufferings, misunderstanding, judgements and rejections he had to endure he could not give up the prophetic life. God's word was burning in him like a fire in his bones. A fire that, in all of its consuming power, destroys one's selfish, egotistic interests and purifies one's whole being so that God's will be done, come what may. Why? Because Jeremiah had one of the most engaging love affair relationships with the LORD God ever to be recorded in the Bible. A relationship that, come hell or high water, would stand firm, thrive, grow, blossom and flourish to the end. The integrity of Jeremiah comes shining through. Would that more of God's people have the courage, love, and faithfulness of Jeremiah.  

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