Monday, August 19, 2013

Rant: Do we need a Canadian Senate?

Cartoon credit: Yahoo website  
Do we need a Canadian Senate? That question has become more pertinent by the day as our nation struggles with the controversial expense claims of some of our senators. It is supposed to be Parliament's "sober second thought," however a growing number of Canadians have sober second thoughts about the purpose and benefits-or presently, the liabilities-of a Senate. For the most part, the Senate consists mainly of old, wealthy, famous-and now not so famous-Canadians. They have already "made it" in society, they don't really need the job or the money. Usually they become a Senator because they are friends of the governing political party, which means they are there because of political patronage. Their contribution to the well-being of the nation's tax payers and society as a whole is debatable.  The money spent on Senators' salaries and perks could do much good to assist our nation's poor and needy, and to promote a more egalitarian and just society.
   So readers, if you have an opinion on the Senate feel free to comment here. 

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